Thermo programme

The company PONAST is the only Czech specialized manufacturer of automatic boilers for pellets and supplier of related facilities, which in combination with the boiler provide the user with expected operating comfort.

Wide possibility of using KP boilers

·  reconstruction of family houses

·  new constructions of family houses

·  heating of residential buildings

·  heating of industrial and agricultural buildings

·  commercial buildings

·  heating of of process water

·  container boiler room

·  minicontainer

·  combination with solar systems

In case of interest in biomass heating, contact us through one of our sales and service partners.

Characteristics of boilers and heating systems with boilers for pellets KP

·  Automatic operation of boilers controlled by a room thermostat or equitherm regulation

·  Optimized boiler body made of high quality steel

·  High efficiency boilers

·  The boiler control unit with simple modern design

·  Burner system ensures ecological combustion of fuel

·  High safety operation - separate system of routes for fuel

·  Mode selection tempering facility in an alternate mode

·  Can be combined with solar systems

·  High adaptability to the specific conditions of the user - left and right version, variable fuel bin design

·  Easy to use, low maintenance

·  Environmentally friendly product - fuel is wood pellets = biomass = a renewable source of energy with a minimum of harmful substances into the air-borne

·  The product meets the conditions for granting subsidies in EU countries

·  The product is manufactured under the conditions of certified quality system according to ISO 9001:2009