How can be solved the storage of large volumes of pellets?

For family houses is seasonal quantity between 2 and 8 tons. This quantity represents the need for space 3-12 m3. Such a number of loosely strewn pellets (usually transported to the place by cistern) can be stored in different ways:

a) separate room with ordinary air humidity)

b) specially designed box for storage of pellets - wood, metal or mixed construction

c) self-supporting cloth silos for installation in indoor spaces

d) silo

These containers can be placed on the same floor, in which the boiler is installed, but also to lower levels or even higher (except silo). Storage systems are available as a whole or as components for building silos and connected automatic conveyors. Our specialist can propose you an optimal solutions of such a system. What you need to do is to send an e-mail or fax with a sketch of space for the storage of fuel.