KP 08 - New boiler

The company PONAST introduces new boiler with an output of 8 kW. KP 08 is the ideal product for heating low energy houses and similar buildings. The boiler has a compact size and excellent parameters due to which is included in the 5. emission class. Click for more information.

Boiler KP 08 offers comprehensive heating with a single system with a large variability of installation. Therefore, it is suitable for small spaces. Due to the high efficiency and the quality of combustion boiler meets the requirements for 5. boiler class.

Stadard boiler control includes:


Parameter   Unit     KP 08   
Rated output kW 8
Output range kW  2,4 - 8
Fuel consumption kg x hour.  ~0,56 - 1,88
Efficiency %  91,4
Flue gas temperature °C  70 - 125
Required chimney draft Pa  8 - 10