New Ponast boiler on the exhibition

Ponast at the Brno exhibition will present a biomass boiler A 602, which is due to the cascading system of automatic cleaning burner designed to burn not only wood pellets, but also granular alternative fuels (grass, straw and more) and cereals. Open for more information ....

Thanks to the efficiencies of up to 92%, fully automatic operation - the automatic cleaning of the burner, heat exchanger and automatic ash removal and unique design of the burner, which from poor quality fuel generates the most heat, is the boiler Ponast A 602 the ideal tool in waste incineration that arise by agricultural production. On the stand will also be at in full operation the burner which will be operating as a demonstration of burning of alternative fuel. Ponast exhibition can be viewed on the Brno Exhibition on 25th - 28th of June at stand 34 and 34A of outdoor exhibition in front of Hall P, where will be exposed to the bestseller between interior stoves with water exchanger - Verner IK 13 / 10.2 as well.