Automatic Boilers


  • combustion of agropellets
  • self-cleaning burner system
  • high efficiency - up to 94%
  • automatic cleaning system of heat exchanger and automatic deashing system

Automatic boiler VERNER A602

Catalog number: HVKKL6020

The newly developed generation of automatic boilers is specifically designed for comfortable, economical and ecological heating of the objects and houses with boilers, which burns wood pellets and a wide range of alternative fuels (grass pellets, straw pellets, grain and another waste from agricurtural production).
The boiler includes a new type of self -cleaning burner plate and automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger during  its operation. The boiler is equiped  with automatic deashing system.

rated power:               59 kW

output power range:     17 – 59 kW

efficiency:                     89,3 %

weight:                         640 kg

high:                             1 744  mm

width:                           1 106 mm

depth:                           1 198 mm

specified fuel:                wooden pellets, possible to burn

                                      alternative fuel, grain, corn as well


emissing class:             5          wooden pellets

                                        3          other fuel