• modern control unit with intuitive movement in MENU via touchscreen display
  • modular construction
  • easy extension of STANDARD version to the COMFORT vrsion even for the boilers that are already in operation
  • controlling of temperature heating circuit, domestic hot water, accu tank

Automatic pellet boiler KP 19

Catalog number: HKXI1903

Characteristics of the product: nominal power output 19,5 kW


  • automatic ignition
  • semiautomatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • manually ash removal
  • remote control via ethernet
  • prepare to add automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • prepare to add automatic ash removal
  • self cleaning burner


  • automatic ignition
  • automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • automatic ash removal
  • optimalization combustion process with lambda probe
  • remote control via ethernet
  • possibility to install the burner with self celaning system
  • self cleaning burner

Service, maintenance

The function of the boiler is controled with temperature sensors or thermostats. There is need (by STANARD version) to clean the heat exganger due moving the lever on the side of the boiler, to remove ash from the ash bin and control the amount of pellets in fuel bin.


Wood pellets diameter 6 - 8 mm

Technical description:

  • boiler body - steel weldment 3 - 5 mm
  • burner - linear construction - refractory steel
  • ceramic parts
  • control unit with touch screen display
  • remote control via ethernet
  • controlling of heating circle, hdomestic hot water, accu tank
  • controlling in power range from 30% until 100% power output

The boilers are Czech products


Parameters Value
Rated output 19,5 kW
Output range 5,85 - 19,5 kW
Fuel consumption 1,14 - 4,55 kg/h
Efficiency 90,5%
Temperature of combustion products 127 °C
Required draught 8 Pa
Recommended temp. of heating water 60 - 80 °C
Weight 310 kg
Dimensions 537 x 1066 x 1444 mm
Electric input 173 W
Conecting voltage 230 V AC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2Hz