KP line 3 (14.9 - 80 kW)
  • high quality and combustion efficiency
  • cast iron burner with high durability
  • automatic heat exchanger cleaning and ash removal
  • modern control system with touch screen
  • comfortable operation and extensible functions
  • possibility of more heating circuits and operation in cascade

Automatic boiler for wood pellets KP 52.1S

Catalog number: HKXI5302R

Characteristic of KP 52.1S (44,9kW)

Our Comfort series represents a completely new generation of automatic boilers. Its design is based on a series Standard, but contains a number of improvements. The major ones included, for example:

  • New modern control unit with an intuitive control (touchscreen) together with the possibility of online management
  • Control of up to 5 heating circuits, sanitary water, accumulation tank and solar system
  • New design, improved insulating properties, high combustion efficiency - fuel savings

Boiler KP 52.1S with an output of 44,9 kW.

Fully automatic boiler KP 52.1S is equipped with automatic heat exchanger cleaning and ash removal. Its operation can be controlled equithermally on the basis of outdoor temperature. 

Operation and maintenance:

This is an automatic boiler controlled by thermostats. Permanent service is not needed, occasional service consists of controling the fuel level in the bin and checking the amount of ash in the ashtray.


Boilers are intended for combustion of wood pellets of a diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm.

Technical description:

Boilers consist of boiler body – a steel weldment with wall thickness of 3 – 6,3 mm; linear burner made from heat-resistant stainless steel, ceramic parts, boiler jacketing with thermal insulation, electronic control unit and fuel feeders. The boiler also includes components to ensure safe operation. Automatic control of operation is provided by control unit often together with room and SW thermostats. The boiler output can be set in the range 30 – 100% of rated output and in this entire range the boiler achieves the same efficiency and emission limits. The boiler must have operating fuel tank, which can be placed freely around the boiler. All Ponast´s KP boilers are Czech products.

Parameters Value
Rated Output 44,9 kW
Rated Output 13,5 - 44,9 kW
Boiler Class 5
Efficiency 91,2 %
Flue gas temperature 109,5 - 140,6 °C
Fuel consumption 3,1 - 10,3 kg x hod-1
Recommended temp. of heating water 60 - 80 °C
Dimensions 816x1078x1595mm
Weight 520 kg
Electric input (2 motors + fan) 210 W
Conecting voltage 230 V AC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2Hz