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brand new generation of automatic pellet boilers

Automatic boilers for piece wood Verner

interior wood automatic boilers Verner

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30 years of company history, 22 years of own development and construction of boilers, reliability, a wide network of service partners, optimal ratio of performance and price, short delivery times.

Modular system

Modular system of construction of the latest production line PONAST KP15 UNI, 19 UNI and 29 UNI allows them to be easily retrofitted to already installed equipment and increase comfort of operation from STANDARD to COMFORT equipment.

Cleaning the hot water heat exchanger

In the STANDARD series, manual cleaning of the hot water exchanger is carried out by moving the lever on the side of the boiler. The installation of the cleaning motor is the first step towards to the full automation of the boiler operation.

Automatic de-ashing

By installing a system of automatic ash removal from the boiler combustion chamber to an external ash bin, you can extend the ash removal from a weekly period to several months for selected boiler power outputs.

Automatic de-ashing

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The modern boiler control unit with colour touch screen allows the user to intuitively control the boiler operation including the elements of the complete heating system of the building. The possibility of connecting the control unit, also in the STANDARD version, to the ethernet, ensures the user remote control of the boiler operation including parameter changes from anywhere using a computer or an installed application on a smartphone.

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The movement of the burner plate at previous programmed intervals ensures optimal combustion of the highest quality pellets and the achievement of the declared boiler parameters, but lower quality pellets as well, which may contain impurities in the fuel that have an adverse effect on the achievement of the declared boiler efficiency, the formation of slag as well, which can settle in the burners without automatic cleaning and thus prevent the automatic operation of the boiler. The movement of the burner plate eventually grinds up the slag and moves it out of the burner compartment and into the ash pan of the boiler.

PONAST KP 15 UNI, 19 UNI and 29 UNI boilers are equipped with this burner with automatic cleaning.

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Palivo ke kotli zdarma

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